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Carbon Announces Launch Of USD Stablecoin Based On Ethereum Network

Published: 15/09/2018

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What is it for?

Carbon platform announced on its official blog the launch of CarbonUSD stablecoin developed on the Ethereum blockchain.


CarbonUSD is a digital currency directly pegged to the dollar. The Carbon team wants to secure the new stablecoin as a token that fully meets the requirements of the regulators.


Now access to new stablecoins is open to hedge funds, trade experts, and exchanges. Carbon representatives stated they carefully examine the exchange sector for the listing procedure, and that they will place the first currency pair including stablecoin in the near future.


David Segura, the Director of Marketing at Carbon, stressed that currently customers have the opportunity to acquire CarbonUSD opening deposits in fiat via the partner bank Prime Trust. He also added that as soon as CarbonUSD is approved for the exchange trading, users will be able to purchase stablecoins on digital exchanges.


In the coming years, the Carbon team is planning a multifunctional implementation of CarbonUSD (diversified payments with a minimum commission, connection to smart contracts and decentralized apps), as well as to introduce it as an alternative means of payment in third world countries.


This spring, General Catalyst, Digital Currency Group, and FirstMark Capital made a seed investment in the Carbon project in the amount of $2 million.


As previously reported, the Gemini crypto exchange is going to issue stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be pegged to the US dollar.

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Carbon stablecoin