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Slovak Startup Develops Blockchain App For Aviation Industry

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

A decentralized company DECENT has developed a special application called 3IPK powered by their DCore blockchain platform for the aviation industry, ForkLog informs.


The app developers reported on the main advantages of the project. First and foremost, it allows to automatically check for airworthiness of the aircraft, monitor the supply chain, certification and its technical condition.  


AIr transfers are technically very complex. Specifically, the process is time-consuming and diversified. High expenditure is predetermined by regulatory difficulties and verification of material authenticity, said 3IPK CEO Maria Capova. Accordingly, these factors lead to a significant loss of time and pose security risks.


3IPK application has a feature called Smart Dust, which makes it possible to monitor the authenticity of the supply chain in the online mode. 3IPK offers a comprehensive delivery management system to air suppliers, which includes a number of opportunities that will help to speed up mutual settlements and improve transactions security. The latest version of the DCore platform can process over 2000 operations per second.


DECENT startup specialists are engaged in the development of blockchain technologies and projects, simultaneously providing their expert advice and infrastructure to novice companies dealing with the creation and implementation of innovative products. The company opened its offices in the US, China, Slovakia, and South Korea.


According to the CoinMarketCap rating as of September 13, 06:19 (UTC), DCT token, developed by DECENT, is ranked 377th and valued at $0.136 with a market capitalization of $7 million.


As previously reported, the US company UPS is planning to use blockchain in the delivery of goods.

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