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BlackBerry's Blockchain Project To Speed Up Disease Diagnosis

10:00 06/10/2018

Large Canadian telecommunication company BlackBerry, having gained popularity with its corporate smartphones, will begin work on creation of a blockchain platform for the medical sector, according to a press release.


The announced blockchain platform is a digital distributed ledger aimed at improving the process of storing and sharing medical data. In the report, BlackBerry representatives stressed that the digital ledger will be backed by its own network operation center (NOC), and a team of ONEBIO, a peer-to-peer platform for transmitting and storing biodata, will develop the ledger.


With the help of NOC, the development team will create a global ecosystem with a new and higher security level. Representatives of the blockchain project also emphasized that the data can be entered with the help of IoT biometric devices or by a patient.


The Global Commission to End the Diagnostic Odyssey for Children with a Rare Disease will be the first user of the BlackBerry blockchain platform.


According to a press release, Irish pharmaceutical company Shire will explore the effectiveness of the solutions proposed by BlackBerry as part of the new project. The Global Commission, co-chaired by Shire, requires implementation of the innovative technologies to speed up the diagnostic process in real time.


As previously reported, according to the latest research by Bank of America, the market capitalization of blockchain innovations will soon reach $7 billion.

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