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Bittrex International To Focus On Foreign Partners Outside US

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

Bittrex, an American crypto exchange, continues to expand to the global market, therefore, a branch of Bittrex International is going to be established in order to work with projects from other countries. Along with this news, the company’s representatives announced the launch of a crypto platform in Malta.


According to a press release from Bittrex, the new department will promote the introduction of blockchain technologies worldwide and conduct international business of the company. Bittrex International is responsible for the opening of the Bittrex Malta exchange. The subsidiary will operate in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework of the EU and the "blockchain island."


Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara stated that the global expansion of the exchange is aimed at making blockchain technologies and crypto trading accessible to millions of people. Also the platform's staff members have intentions to cooperate with different countries and their most innovative projects in this field.


Earlier in September, the crypto exchange's team acquired a 10% stake in Palladium, a blockchain startup from Malta. The project is expected to become the "first regulated unified platform" for conducting transactions with fiat funds, banking services, and the exchange of cryptos. Customers will have an opportunity to purchase cryptos, pay bills, and exchange digital assets within one platform.  


Recently, the exchange has announced its cooperation with the Uruguayan project Cryptofacil. Partners are launching a new trading platform with the support of 200 tokens to which users from Latin America and the Caribbean will have access.

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