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Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Suspends Fiat Deposits — Media

09:13 12/10/2018

Bitfinex, a crypto exchange, has suspended dollar deposits and intends to normalize the situation with fiat on the platform during the next few days, The Block reports.


Previously, the digital trading platform warned its customers that fiat deposits would be suspended on the exchange in the near future.


Despite the widespread information that the financial situation of the crypto exchange has deteriorated, Bitfinex assured that its platform is functioning normally and is “not insolvent.” However, the exchange doesn’t deny that it has problems when conducting transactions with fiat funds, but Bitfinex continues to work to speed up the process of financial transactions.


Earlier, Bitfinex announced that it stopped the cooperation with its partner Noble Bank International based in Puerto Rico and, presumably, began to cooperate with HSBC, a British bank. Later, Zhao Dong, a Chinese crypto trader and Bitfinex shareholder, stated that this information was false, because the crypto exchange did indeed withdraw its assets from Noble Bank International, but didn’t transfer them to the British bank.


Dong made a post in Weibo that Giancarlo Devasini, CFO of Bitfinex, reported a balance of the crypto exchange in the Puerto Rico’s bank, which amounted to $66.78.


As previously reported, Bitfinex added three trading pairs with the TRON token to its listing.

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