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BitFinex To Open Crypto Platform On EOS Blockchain

Published: 14/09/2018

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What is it for?

The Bitfinex crypto exchange will open EOSfinex, a decentralized platform for crypto trading based on the EOS network, as reported by the exchange representatives on their blog.


The EOSfinex beta version will be presented at the Blockchain Live conference in London on September 26. Bitfinex experts inform users that the new platform, based on the values of P2P trading, will have great opportunities for scaling, speedy work, and trusting relationships with the client.


The main goal of EOSfinex is to achieve a decent level of decentralization including the order books, transactions, and calculations in the network. Besides, developers have focused their attention on productivity issues, seeking to surpass modern achievements in the speed of payment processing.



Source: Bitfinex


Users of the new trading platform will be able to access it anytime from anywhere in the world. At the initial stage of work, clients will have access to crypto pairs such as EOS and bitcoin, bitcoin and the US dollar, and ether with the US dollar; after a while, new cryptocurrencies and trading pairs will be added to the listing.


Source: Bitfinex


It will be possible to trade any cryptocurrency on the exchange with the help of a trust contract. Adding a new token will be a common thing, anyone will be able to do it after the trust contract provides an opportunity to trade this new asset.


As previously reported, some users claimed that Bitfinex conducted market manipulations during an emergency halt following the maintenance.

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