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Bit-Z Crypto Exchange Openes Access To New Trading Platform

21:04 11/10/2018

Bit-Z, a crypto platform, has launched a new Small Market Maker Lab platform, which has a simplified registration procedure, according to the exchange’s official blog.


In the summer of 2018, Bit-Z introduced the Market Maker project to the crypto community. The main advantage of the platform was the option allowing traders to receive tokens for participation in the development of a more transparent and improved platform’s system.


Market makers, which can be individuals or institutions that take responsibility for trading on the platform, will participate in the Small Market Maker Lab crypto project. During trading, they determine the processes of selling and buying assets.


The essential requirements for participation in the Small Market Maker Lab platform, include the users’ financial integrity to meet crypto investors’ demand and a daily contribution of 10 BZ, Bit-Z tokens. However, clients, who submitted the application before August 31, 2018, will participate without fees.


According to the company, the registration procedure will remain open until the end of October 2018. Also the crypto exchange noted the main rules of the transaction fee return for market makers. For instance, in a trading pair with bitcoin, the payback of the latter will be 50% with a daily sale of 50-200 BTC, and a user will return 95% of the transaction fee with the sale of more than 800 BTC.


As previously reported, Bit-Z delisted the least accepted tokens.

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