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Bit-Z Trading Platform Adds DECENT To Its Listing

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

The representatives of the Bit-Z crypto exchange made changes to the listing and added the DECENT (DCT) token, according to the platform’s official website.



The deposit option is available for the customers from September 12, 07:00 (UTC). DCT is being traded in pair with BTC from September 13, 07:00 (UTC). The withdrawal option will be available on September 20, 07:00 (UTC).


According to CoinMarketCap, the DCT token is ranked 373rd with a market capitalization of $7.28 million and a price of $0.142, as of September 13, 11:30 (UTC). Over the past 24 hours, the DCT price has risen by 2.4%, while it has a high degree of volatility. During the year, the token reached its maximum value of $3.11 in early January, and the lowest indicator was recorded on August 20 and amounted to $0.114.


Source: CoinMarketCap


The DECENT blockchain startup was founded in Switzerland in 2016. The company launched a working prototype of the blockchain before the initial coin offering (ICO) conducted in September 2016. The startup representatives managed to attract approximately 6,000 bitcoins (at that time over $4 million) during the ICO.


DECENT operates on its DCore blockchain platform and develops technologies and projects related to distributed ledger. The company’s specialists assist startups providing its knowledge and infrastructure. For several years, the firm has opened its branches in the US, China, Slovakia, and South Korea.


As previously reported, Bit-Z had updated its listing by adding VTC, VAAC, and CEC tokens.

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  1. RoyalManatee:
    09/13/18 at 15:19

    Decent is showing signs of growth but it's only due to huge investments to it and we should also remember about it's only a temporary investments....