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Binance Crypto Exchange To Delist Four Tokens

12:05 10/10/2018

Binance, a trading platform, delists four tokens to provide clients with an opportunity to trade only reliable and proven digital assets, according to the company’s press release.


The crypto exchange will start the delisting of such tokens as Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG) at 10:00 (UTC), October 12, 2018. This process will continue until 10:00 (UTC), November 10, 2018. Trading pairs with these tokens will be eliminated.


The Binance specialists regularly conduct comprehensive checks of all listed tokens, so that users can trade only reliable assets. Those that don’t meet the requirements of the platform will be delisted, as indicated in the statement.


The main criteria influencing the Binance’s choice are the team’s deep interest in the project, network reliability, quality and level of development, acceptance from the community, loyalty to checks from the exchange, ethical behavior, absence of fraudulent threats, and contribution to the crypto sphere development.


Immediately after the announcement, the price of these tokens has plummeted, according to CoinMarketCap. The Bytecoin cryptocurrency has lost 26%, ChatCoin — 29%, Iconomi — 10%, and Triggers — 37%.

As previously reported, Binance stated that all fees for the listing of crypto assets will be donated to charity.

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