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Binance To Donate Listing Fee To Charity

19:02 08/10/2018

The team of the Binance crypto exchange has published an announcement on the official website that all fees for the listing of crypto assets will be donated to charity.


According to the new rules, the exchange does not set the obligatory commission, and developers offer a donation independently as a contribution to charitable projects. The platform representatives claim that such an initiative should attract even more investor interest to blockchain as a useful environment.


The team of the exchange suggests its users to add the amount they are willing to donate to their listing application. The management also stressed that despite the new policy of their platform, they still place high requirements on all applications, no matter how large the sum offered by a trader.


Ted Lin, the Binance co-founder, stated that only 3% of companies and projects pass the validation stage successfully and are listed on the exchange. The decision of the Binance specialists to add a crypto project to the listing is based primarily on the quality and functionality of the product, as well as on whether developers use blockchain technology in their work to solve existing problems.


Some time ago, traders criticized the famous Hong Kong crypto exchange because of very high fees. Nevertheless, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the platform, stressed that their team puts above everything the quality of the product, not the amount of the tax paid. According to him, Ethereum, XRP, EOS, and other projects did not pay any fees when entering the exchange.


As previously reported, Binance intends to invest $2.5 million in the Australian blockchain startup in the field of tourism.

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