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AirSwap Crypto Exchange Launches Flexible Trading Platform

16:03 11/10/2018

The American exchange AirSwap has introduced a new platform for traders called Spaces, as reported by the startup co-founder Don Mosites in the blog.


Mosites states that each transaction begins with communication. Spaces is a unique ecosystem for interaction between groups of crypto holders, including developers, digital assets collectors, traders, and financial institutions.


AirSwap itself works on the Ethereum blockchain and does not charge a transaction fee. According to Mosites, the developers tried to make the design of the new project as simple as possible to provide flexibility and space for the creation of new trading tools in a decentralized system.


As reported in the blog, many deals are made over the counter requiring specific control and preliminary agreements. Preparation for such transactions can take up to several days. Spaces offers two channels of communication: Stream for instant messaging and contract, and Board for transactions deferred to a convenient time.


Source: AirSwap


Joseph Lubin, one of the Ethereum network developers and founder of the ConsenSys blockchain company, commented on the new product of AirSwap. He stated that Spaces, with its interface design and user interaction tools, raises the standards for other apps on the Ethereum blockchain.


Moreover, Lubin invested $6.5 million in the project of a competitor, who is also developing Web 3.0.


Earlier, the Huobi exchange launched its own social network. By analogy with Spaces, the new utility allows establishing direct contact between investors, consumers, and the crypto community.

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