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Thailand Police Detain Actor Suspected In $24 million Crypto Fraud

Published: 10/08/2018

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Thailand police arrested Jiratpisit Jaravijit, an actor, under suspicion of crypto fraud worth $24 million, Bangkok Post reports.


The 27-year-old actor is one of seven accused in this case, along with his sister and brother. The local trial issued a permission for Jaravijit’s arrest after receiving the information from a Finnish citizen who claimed that the actor fraudulently forced him to invest 797 million baht (about $24 million) in cryptos. The actor was seized because of charges in money laundering, but he denies his guilt.


The accused persons attracted investors and claimed that they would buy shares of enterprises that invested in the Dragon Coin crypto. A local media reports that investors did not get any profit or notices about shareholders' meetings after they transferred funds. It is assumed that the suspects withdrew the bitcoins from their wallets and exchanged them into the Thai currency.


As previously reported, law enforcement agencies of South Korea launched an investigation on suspicion of a fraudulent ICO by the company Shinil Group. Representatives of the company claim that their tokens are supported by gold, which they allegedly found on the sunken ship «Dmitrii Donskoi». The company has recently announced the Russian Empire warship discovery, which sank during the Russian-Japanese War in 1905, and reported that there are gold bars and coins worth $130 billion at the current rate.

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