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Xerox Patents Blockchain System For Files Audit

13:42 14/11/2018

Xerox Corporation received a patent for a blockchain system that checks electronic documents for edits. The document was published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office on November 13, 2018.


The technical description of the solution says that it can be used to determine whether a document has been changed, as well as to track the entire history of edits. The decentralized verification mechanism protects the system from errors and falsification of results. The technology from Xerox uses nodes that can confirm or reject any change in a file.

The system will notify users if one of the nodes refuses to confirm the edit due to its inconsistency with the rules. Moreover, if the contents of the file differ from the confirmed version, the technology will be able to determine it.


Xerox proposes to use its blockchain solution for auditing medical records, tax documents, in education, finance, etc. Besides, the technology may be useful for storing data of criminal investigations — photo evidence and the results of DNA tests that must be protected from the outside interference.

Xerox, one of the world leaders in printing technology and document management, applied for a patent in the summer of 2017. The year before, the corporation was going to patent a blockchain-based technology, which puts permanent time stamps on photos or copies of documents, which would make it possible to use these files as fully-fledged physical evidence in court.


As previously reported, IBM will patent a blockchain solution for scientific research.

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