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WordPress To Initiate Pilot Blockchain Project For Mass Media

10:39 17/01/2019
WordPress To Initiate Pilot Blockchain Project For Mass Media

The WordPress platform experts announced the implementation of a pilot blockchain project Newspack which will be available for small and medium-sized news agencies, as follows from the press release.


Many large companies have already supported WordPress and invested $2.4 million in it. For instance, Google contributed $1.2 million, Lenfest Institute for Journalism invested $400,000, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation — $250,000, and ConsenSys — $350,000. It is assumed that other organizations will support the project financially too.


A ConsenSys expert reported that the Newspack blockchain will be available to interested parties via the Publisher solution developed by the Civil Media startup. The product will help the platform users to archive content.


The closed beta-tests of Newspack are to start in summer 2019 and will continue until early 2020. Afterward, the access to the platform will be granted to about 60 news outlets, a monthly fee for using Newspack will range from $1000 to $2000. The project authors have not specified yet what functions set will be available to clients, but they declare that the platform will present the best practices used in mass media.


Over the last 15 years, WordPress became the most popular publishing platform in the world, especially among news outlets. It is used by such popular websites, as Time.com and CNN, as well as by many journalists’ and bloggers’ sites worldwide.


As previously reported, ConsenSys, together with the South Korean holding company SK Group, will create a business center for the blockchain study and development.

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