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Waves Launches Scripts For Smart Assets Creation

12:28 13/11/2018

The Waves blockchain platform has launched the support of smart assets in the test network. The new feature is designed to simplify the creation of tokens, according to the company’s official blog.


Smart assets are a virtual currency regulated by scripts. In other words, these will be applied to such a token to confirm a transaction before its validation on blockchain.

The developers claim that the Waves platform will become more flexible and easy to use with the launch of smart assets. Unlike the Ethereum network, here programmers do not need experience or special skills to issue tokens. To work with scripts, the platform uses the RIDE language, designed specifically to perform operations on blockchain. It is much simpler and more secure than the Solidity language, which is used to write smart contracts on Ethereum, as reported in the blog.


Users will be able to apply scripts to freeze their assets, control trading pairs, and for the procedure of multi-signature. Also, using scripts, it will be possible to create black and white lists of the addresses to which it is forbidden or allowed to send funds.

The Waves developers set a low fixed commission for the execution of scripts, which is equal to 0.004 of the WAVES internal token. This cryptocurrency is 47th by capitalization in the CoinMarketCap rating and is traded at an average price of $1.74.


The company proposes to use smart assets both for individuals and in business. For instance, this feature will help tokenize items that players receive at a certain level in video games. Later, these artifacts can be exchanged for an in-game currency so that they do not enter the black market of game tokens.


Earlier, Waves secured transactions conducted in the browser.

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