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Waves Blockchain Platform Launches Waves Keeper Extension

20:47 19/11/2018

Waves, the global blockchain platform, has released the browser extension Waves Keeper, which allows clients to manage private keys, interact with the Waves web services and decentralized apps, according to the press release.

Waves Keeper can be used on the existing Waves accounts or to create new addresses. Besides, there is an option to add multiple accounts, while a client can easily switch between them.

According to the company’s specialists, the reliable storage of the customers' secret keys is the main advantage of the new extension. With this feature, users will coordinate monetary transactions and interact with the Waves web services without entering these keys or passwords. The new solution also reduces the threat of virus attacks.

Customers can download Waves Keeper from the Chrome Store. In the future, the company's specialists will release versions for Firefox and other popular browsers. Waves provides more information about the use of the extension on its website.

In November, Waves launched the support of smart assets in the test network. The new feature is designed to simplify the process of creating tokens.

As previously reported, Parity Technologies has released the beta version of the hardware crypto storage.

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