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Qtum Allocates Grant To Develop Language For Smart Contracts

20:21 20/12/2018

The Qtum blockchain startup has funded the research and development of a new programming language that allows creating smart contracts, similar to Ethereum, Cointelegraph reports.


The grant of $400,000 was allocated to two post-graduate students from Columbia University and a computer science professor Ronghui Gu. He has previously collaborated with the Singapore project Qtum to create a CertiK blockchain tool, capable of checking smart contracts for bugs and vulnerabilities.

The scientists will primarily focus on writing a new programming language called DeepSEA and using it to conclude contracts similar to the Ethereum’s network technology. 


According to the specialists, DeepSEA will be able to solve the “internal conflict” of programming, which means that high-quality projects are written with low-level languages, operating with low-quality resources and effects. The team from Columbia University is also confident that their development will improve the infrastructure of smart contracts and make them more reliable and adaptable.

Ethereum remains popular in the crypto ecosystem since it provides a flexible and convenient way to develop new projects. So, most of the tokens introduced in ICOs use the network blockchain as a base. In general, Ethereum is an independently developed software using the Solidity programming language, which has recently updated to a key version.

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