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CFTC Shows Interest In Ethereum Technology

13:52 12/12/2018

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has requested the public to clarify issues on Ethereum. In particular, the regulator is willing to know more about its basic technology and the markets that evolved around ether, Coindesk reports, referring to the CFTC press release.


Public comments will help understand the risks and benefits of ether and the network of Ethereum itself, as well as find possibilities to apply them. This will reportedly allow the Commission to get a more clear idea of how to regulate the markets of ether and its derivatives.

When the request for the information is published on the Federal Register website, experts will get 60 days to provide their answers. The document contains 25 questions about ether and the operation of the Ethereum network, and the themes of its secure work and potential risks are mentioned. Also, the regulator is interested in similar and different features of the bitcoin and ether cryptos.


The questions are divided into five categories: the general purpose of the Ethereum network, the technology it is based on, the problems of the network management, the market situation of ether, and cyber security.

It is noted that the requested information will facilitate work of LabCFTC, a CFTC fintech division.


Previously, CFTC laboratory issued a guide on using smart contracts.

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