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UNICEF To Invest In Development Of Six Blockchain Startups

16:39 11/12/2018

The UNICEF Innovation Fund invests $100,000 in six startups from several countries involved in developing blockchain solutions in the social sphere, the organization’s press service reports.


The Fund was created to finance the development of open-source technologies to help children and adolescents. The organization is engaged in various technological solutions related to blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and other innovations.

This time, the foundation will invest $100,000 in Atix Labs, an Argentinean software development startup, Onesmart and Prescrypto (Mexican), Statwig (India), Utopixar, a Tunisian apps development company, and W3 Engineers (Bangladesh).


These companies are developing projects aimed at solving the problems of medical care, financing social initiatives, free access to mobile communications. They will join twenty other companies already working with the fund in such areas as data science, virtual reality, and the creation of unmanned vehicles.

Blockchain technology is still at an early stage of development, and there will be a lot of experimentation and failures in the way of its study and implementation, but in the end, it will become clear how the distributed ledger can be used to make the world a better place, Chris Fabian, chief consultant for the Innovation Fund, stated.


As previously reported, the United Nations, together with the government of Sierra Leone, is implementing a blockchain project aimed at identifying data of citizens.

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