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Toyota To Use Blockchain To Secure Digital Advertising

18:34 17/10/2018

Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturer has entered into a partnership with Lucidity, a company that specializes in the study of advertising in blockchain. This step was taken to reduce fraud during the creation and placement of digital ads, according to a press release.


Lucidity was created in 2017 in Los Angeles (USA) and provides customers with blockchain solutions that track information about supply chains, so it is possible to track the distribution of funds.


Toyota managers claim that a partnership with Lucidity will make the corporation’s digital advertising campaigns more transparent, and therefore more productive.


Nancy Inouye, media director at Toyota Motor North America, believes that cooperation with Lucidity has already contributed to increasing the company's website traffic by 21% thanks to the high-quality optimization in the approach.


Toyota plans to extend cooperation with Lucidity after the end of this partnership project, for which three weeks have been allocated. Toyota managers are convinced that joint working will bring results that are even more tangible over time.


Toyota is not the only international company implementing blockchain. IBM plans to use this technology too. For instance, IBM strategic consultant Piotr Darwaj stresses that the corporation expects full implementation of blockchain within five years.

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