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TokenSoft Invests In Broker Company Regulated By SEC

14:23 14/12/2018

An American platform TokenSoft, dealing with the organization and management of ICO projects and security tokens, invested in a brokerage firm, the activities of which is authorized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as follows from the press release.


TokenSoft offers a range of technological and secure solutions related to the release, sale, and management of security tokens and some virtual assets.

Investments in security tokens are popular and most often provide for the return of funds with an increase in their value. Moreover, these assets allow their owners to buy various goods and services.


The firm that received investments is currently called TokenSoft Global Markets, and TokenSoft has acquired the rights to purchase a 100% stake in its shares. The deal entailed an expanded spectrum of services, which now includes deposit solutions or private placement.

Enthusiasm for security tokens on the crypto market is growing, and TokenSoft received numerous requests to expand the range of its services and to help broker-dealers, Mason Borda, CEO of the company, stressed. Thanks to the deal, the platform has the ability to create a single center for the issuance and management of digital assets.


Earlier, a crypto enthusiast Jaron Lukasiewicz stated on his YouTube channel that the ICO could soon be replaced by security token offering (STO) due to its popularity.

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