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Blockchain Technology For Voting Appears In Thailand

13:10 03/01/2019

Thai National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) has developed a blockchain technology for elections, which can be combined with the traditional voting system, Bangkok Post reports.


The governmental organization NECTEC, overseen by the Ministry of Science of Thailand, suggests using the new system for political elections both at the national level and in local authorities. The blockchain may also be useful for voting in a particular business, for example, when choosing the board of directors.

Elections on the blockchain save time significantly — the data goes directly to the system, which can quickly calculate the results and eliminates the need to collect votes from polling stations manually. In turn, voters do not need to go to electoral divisions, since they can make their choice online on their smartphones.


Among the blockchain participants, there will be a so-called controller, which is obliged to verify the legitimacy of the candidates, as well as the identity of the voters. The latter will be able to identify themselves using a webcam.


According to NECTEC specialists, all votes on the blockchain will be connected to the 5G technology, once it is finally adopted.

The NECTEC team notes that their development can reduce fraud cases and enhance data integrity within the system. As more people in Thailand are adopting technologies, and at the same time some prefer traditional methods of voting, the developers suggest using both systems in tandem.


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