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Tanzanian Authorities Call On Scientists For Cooperation In Blockchain

20:54 29/10/2018

The government of Tanzania is ready to invite scientists and researchers for cooperation in order to study blockchain and create favorable regulatory standards for this technology, South African newspaper The Citizen reports.


While addressing the 2nd annual Conference for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals in Dar Es Salaam, Jim Yonazi, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Minister for Works, Transport, and Communications, appealed to the audience for assistance in applying blockchain in various industries, as well as support in the development of statutory regulations for the technology.


Despite the fact that a blockchain commission can work under the auspices of the government, the ministry official urged experts and university researchers to study the technology more carefully and assess its potential.


The authorities of Tanzania approach the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere rather pragmatically. Since December 2017, the Central Bank of the country has been studying the crypto industry in order to develop enactments for its regulation.



In general, this sphere is in its infancy, only occasionally attracting some interest in innovations. In July, Forbes reported on the first childbirth in Tanzania, the information about which is saved on blockchain as part of a women’s aid project. Data on the state of health of the mother and the future child had been tracked in a distributed ledger during the entire period of pregnancy. By and large, the project was experimental.


Earlier, the Central Bank of Zambia announced that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot be legal means of payment in the country.

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