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Blockchain May Be Used In South Korea To Vote In Elections

12:09 29/11/2018

The authorities of South Korea are considering the possibility of using blockchain during the voting process as a part of election campaigns, ZDNet reports.


The Ministry of Science and ICT of the country joined forces with the National Election Commission to develop an online voting system on a distributed ledger. The testing, which is scheduled for December 2018, will be conducted by the Seoul National University's Blockchain Society and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA).

Voters will be able to cast their votes using a smartphone or a computer. All data will be entered in blockchain, and anyone will have the opportunity to monitor the course of the election campaign and the number of votes cast for a particular candidate in real time.


After testing the system, the management of the Election Commission will make a final decision on its application. The authority reports that artificial intelligence, the big data technology, and the Internet of Things concept will be used to further improve the product.

A similar blockchain-based voting system, called Voatz, was successfully tested in the US state of West Virginia and was applied during the November elections to the US Congress.


South Korea will join the list of countries that studied the possibility of using blockchain technology in election campaigns in 2018. Apart from the United States, these include Ukraine, Spain, Japan, and Switzerland.


Previously, the researchers of the Initiative for Cryptoсurrencies and Contracts decided that blockchain can be a source of risks during the voting process.

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