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Blockchain Helps Accenture Keep Track Of Software Licenses

21:10 13/11/2018

Accenture, one of the leading consulting companies, has decided to use blockchain to track and record licenses for software products, according to a press release.

In furtherance of this goal Accenture is collaborating with a US-based Digital Assets startup that develops DLT products for financial institutions.

The new app uses DAML, the smart contracts modeling language, specially developed by Digital Assets for distributed ledgers. In accordance with the press release, it will be possible to track software licenses within each period until they appear on the market with the help of the platform.

Accenture emphasizes that the managed DLT app will help firms avoid potential risks associated with violations of licensing rules by increasing transparency in the implementation and use of the software.

Accenture manages a large number of software licenses for numerous organizations and customers from different regions, and this process requires the application of appropriate procedures and rules using modern technologies, Melanie Cutlan, senior director of the blockchain operations at the company, states. DLT technology, in her opinion, will help track licenses and simplify their auditing, and organizations can save millions of dollars a year.

As previously reported, Accenture has released a new decentralized solution aimed at cooperation between major blockchain platforms.

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