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Duma Elections On Blockchain Are Held In Saratov Region Of Russia

20:23 18/12/2018

The developers of the Polys blockchain project, established as part of the Kaspersky Lab venture platform for startups, held elections based on the distributed ledger in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation, CNews reports.


According to the initiators, the blockchain elections were held to determine the members of the Youth Parliament in the local Duma and managed to collect about 15 thousand votes. They said that these elections were the most massive event of this kind in the history of mankind though only 36% of voters decided to vote.

It is reported that the event took place in 45 districts simultaneously, in which almost 15 out of 40 thousand declared citizens cast their ballots. The entire voting, including the data processing, took about seven hours. After the count, the voters were almost instantly notified of the results.


The Polys company provided the software, developed on the basis of blockchain technology, which was implemented in the voting system. The organizers equipped more than 100 polling stations with the special Polys devices. However, citizens were also allowed to vote using their own smartphones or other devices connected to the Internet.

According to the project representatives, blockchain eliminates the possibility of fraud, manipulation of results or an artificial increase in the number of votes. They explained that during the voting an encryption mechanism is used, making it impossible to track the identity of a voter along with the results of his choice.


As previously reported, deputies in the State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced changes to the draft law “On Crowdfunding” to limit the amount of private investments through the appropriate platforms to 600 thousand rubles a year.

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