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Samsung To Create Blockchain App For Galaxy S10

14:06 25/01/2019
Samsung To Create Blockchain App For Galaxy S10

The photos of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, which will contain the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app, emerged on Twitter, Cointelegraph reports.



The smartphone images were published by Benjamin Geskin, who had previously leaked information and photos about the new Apple iPhone X Plus. The news site MacRumors, associated with Apple, has since called him the main culprit in the leaks of information about new models of smartphones.


It is reported that the Galaxy S10 will only support the Ethereum wallet. However, even if the photos reflect the real state of affairs, it’s too early to talk about support for specific cryptocurrencies since the development of the mobile device is still ongoing.


The Cointelegraph journalists asked the company representatives to comment on this information but have not received a response yet.


The launch of the Galaxy S10 is accompanied by an active advertising campaign. In Paris, banners were placed that contain black text on a white background. Some of them say “February 20”, the date of the official presentation of the smartphone, the others — “the future opens”.


Information leakage, most likely, confirms a talk that Samsung will release a smartphone containing a wallet for cold crypto storage. Despite the lack of comments, implicit signs indicate the development of a blockchain smartphone.


As previously reported, Samsung sent three applications for the registration of trademarks associated with blockchain for smartphones to the European Intellectual Property Office.

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