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Blockchain To Help Monitor Quality Of Products In China

22:57 01/02/2019
Blockchain To Help Monitor Quality Of Products In China

The Food and Drug Administration of the Yuzhong Municipal District in Chongqing (China) plans to apply blockchain technology in its work, Cointelegraph reports referring to The People's Daily.


The officials consider distributed ledger technology as a means that will help monitor the quality of food and medicinal products, their production, supply, and also resist the creation of counterfeit products. For these purposes, a blockchain solution will be used, developed by PrimeNumber Chain Technology Chengdu.


The blockchain-based system will not only improve the government's regulatory measures but may also increase control efficiency in the production and supply of goods, Deng Ke, the company's executive director, stated. He believes that the distributed ledger will give enterprises the centralized management opportunity and access to all necessary product information.


Blockchain technology has begun to penetrate gradually into all areas of activity in China. In early January 2019, China Mobile, the country's leading telecom company, developed a water purification system on blockchain to make the technology more popular and accessible to ordinary people. The use of the water purifier will be rewarded with tokens.


The Chinese Cyberspace Administration took into account the popularity of distributed ledger technology and published rules for companies that provide services on blockchain.

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