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Editor Of News Platform Places Article On Blockchain

13:58 27/12/2018

Popula, a news platform, made it into history, having first saved an article on a blockchain, CCN reports, referring to the author of the publication Maria Bustillos.


Bustillos is the editor at Popula, an independent online platform for journalists. She placed her article, first published in the Death+Taxes magazine, on the Ethereum distributed ledger and its hash — in the IPFS protocol. Thus, the publication will always remain unchanged.

The publication of the journalist's material on blockchain became possible with the assistance of the Civil startup specialists, supporting Popula.


Bustillos has been cherishing this idea since 2012 when she heard about blockchain for the first time and found out more about the technology. Her chief intent was to preserve journalistic materials in their original form without adjustments and other changes. The opportunity to bring this idea to life has emerged just recently, but the editor was always confident that blockchain can create a really decentralized world not subject to outside management.

The use of blockchain technology can be considered an excellent way to protect a free press and defend people's rights to freedom of speech. Suffice it to recall how totalitarian regimes destroyed books and newspapers in the past, prohibiting people from learning new things. Many magazine and newspaper materials may be lost for various reasons, and blockchain will help keep them forever. Bustillos stated that from now on all Popula articles will be stored on a distributed ledger.


As previously reported, an anti-government clip was placed on blockchain in Thailand.

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