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New EOS Wallet Plugin To Run dApps Right In Browser

13:16 14/12/2018

The EOSWebWallet.io operator has introduced the EOS Plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, ForkLog reports.


With the new plugin, the decentralized applications on EOS can be launched directly in the browser and it does not require downloading the full blockchain node to the device.

The extension is suitable for different versions of the EOS blockchain. According to the project website, EOS Plugin allows to create anonymous identities and the registration does not require personal data, email, or country of residence.


The startup also refused to store user data on third-party servers. It is noted that security was a key issue for developers of the new plugin, therefore, the keys and user data will be processed only within the browser.

The web plugin also allows to freely import or export personal information in an encrypted form, quickly switch between accounts, or group EOS-wallet accounts. Also, the transaction can be confirmed even on third-party resources.


The EOSWebWallet.io, a browser wallet that does not require installation, was released in October 2018. Users can send any crypto both from computers and mobile devices. The developers claim that the wallet is highly secure and resistant to classic types of cyber attacks.


EOSWebWallet also interacts with smart contracts and the EOS blockchain, which is managed by block producers — companies or groups of users authorized to vote.


Previously, one of the EOS network block-producers decided to share income with users.

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