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Parity Blockchain Startup Introduces New Solution Called Substrate

16:31 21/12/2018

The Parity Technologies blockchain startup, which develops tools in the Ethereum ecosystem, announced the launch of the first version of its Substrate solution, which allows developing blockchains for decentralized apps on individual orders, according to the official blog.


The launch of the project was announced at the Web3 conference in Berlin at the end of October 2018. The company's specialists believe that the Substrate open-source software technology can be considered the most suitable and convenient one for creating blockchain solutions. The service interface allows customers to develop their consensus mechanisms or apply the existing ones.

Technical specialists who worked to create Substrate used the programming language called Rust. The product is fully compatible with the Polkadot protocol. According to Gavin Wood, Parity founder, his team of experts used the experience gained during the creation of Ethereum and Polkadot when developing Substrate.


The solution is currently working under the GPLv3 open license agreement. Later, the startup will transfer its product to the Apache 2.0 license, which provides "maximum freedom in development". The Parity representatives are sure that large companies will use their tool.

Substrate frees from the need to understand all the intricacies of creating a new blockchain. A developer needs minimum effort to create a chain that fits his specific parameters and tasks, the founder of the startup stated.

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