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Ethereum-Based Wallet Becomes Available In Opera Browser

20:49 13/12/2018

Opera reported on the introduction of an Ethereum-based crypto wallet in its Web 3 browser for the Android operating system, CoinDesk reports.


The browser, earlier launched in beta, provides support for ether and ERC-20-based tokens. Besides, it allows working with crypto collectibles based on ERC-721. The latter includes items in the CryptoKitties game and dApps available straight from the wallet.

According to Charles Hamel, product chief at Opera Crypto, earlier, specific apps were needed to work with cryptos online and have access to Web 3, and customers could not always participate in this process. He explained that the new browser eliminates these difficulties.


The Opera's solution resembles the previous beta version in many ways, but the company met numerous requests from clients and modernized the app interface since now it will be used by a higher number of people. So, the actions required to set up a wallet have decreased, and the language has become less confusing.

The company chose Ethereum, as the network has the highest number of developers creating dApps and is gaining momentum. The Opera team believes their solution will be able to provide access to information, as well as allow users to control their data and conduct transactions online, which in turn will give them greater control.


Opera began to operate actively in the cryptocurrency field since 2018. First, the developers added software that allowed blocking fraudulent mining, then the browser beta version with a crypto wallet was created. At the same time, the mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain announced plans to invest $50 million in the development of Opera.


As previously reported, the decentralized browser Brave will be built into the blockchain smartphone HTC Exodus 1.

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