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Payment Service OpenNode Rejects Investment From BCH Ideologist

16:10 02/01/2019

OpenNode, a startup that develops infrastructure for bitcoin payments, refused an investment offer of $1.25 million, made by Roger Ver, a supporter of the contradictory fork Bitcoin Cash.


According to OpenNode’s Twitter, a better and more open financial system, in their opinion, is only possible with bitcoin. Also, one of the developers, Rui Gomes, added that no amount will force the project to work with "inferior" money.

Roger Ver announced his intention to invest in the startup in a video published in late December 2018. He also discussed the scaling problem of the Lightning Network and concludes that the worldwide adoption of the first crypto will take 200 years. However, with Bitcoin Cash it is possible four times faster, he claims.


Ver also commented on the position of OpenNode in Twitter. He called the OpenNode’s vision "tribal" and expressed the opinion that there was little thoughtfulness in the company's decision.

Bitcoin Cash ideologist believes that the main problem of bitcoin is the block size, which is limited to 4 MB. Hard Fork Bitcoin Cash increased the blocks to 8 MB, but refused the SegWit protocol — a software add-on above the main chain, which frees up space to put more transactions into one block.

Founded last spring, the OpenNode startup is aimed at making bitcoin payments simpler and more widely adopted. In December, the project completed the first stage of investment and raised $1.25 million from a businessman and crypto enthusiast Tim Draper.

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