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Nevada Plans To Track Credits Of Power Companies Via Blockchain

09:34 15/10/2018

The Public Utilities Commission in the US state of Nevada plans to apply blockchain in the field of renewable energy, according to the press release.


The agency supervises public utilities within the state, and in particular, controls providing energy services. The authorities in Nevada are looking to adopt a blockchain solution for system of tracking energy credits (PECs) received by renewable energy producers.


According to the state's energy strategy (Renewable Portfolio Standard), by 2025 the Nevada utilities must supply at least 25% of electricity from renewable sources. Producers of such energy can sell their credits, each PEC would go for a kilowatt-hour of electricity.


Currently, the Public Utilities Commission uses the NVTREC monitoring system. The agency’s Commissioner Ann Pongracz stated that this technology is becoming obsolete. She added that NV Energy, the major power company in Nevada, refused to maintain the existing system, and this causes additional difficulties for energy workers.


The Commission has already approved a document that permits to use alternative credit tracking systems. The next step will be to find optimal blockchain solutions.


Previously, the public service of Washington suspended electricity provision for mining. The introduced moratorium will help the authority to check how mining affects the electrical systems in the district.

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