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Microsoft Releases Tools For Creating dApps

12:26 16/11/2018

Microsoft, the American software developer, released a new blockchain-related product Azure Blockchain Development Kit. It works on a cloud-based platform, without a server, and allows developers to create decentralized apps, according to the company’s blog.


Development Kit is a set of tools which extend the capabilities of the Blockchain Workbench service, launched previously. It is noted that the first version of the new product will focus on the introduction of smart contracts and blockchain-based networks.

Private customers and organizations will be able to connect the blockchain via the user interface. The solution from Microsoft combines such features as voice and SMS interface, bots, virtual assistants, the Internet of things, access via a mobile device or desktop. All these can be applied in a ready-made blockchain project created with Development Kit — for example, for communication in a supply chain.


The Microsoft team suggests using the new product to make the development of decentralized apps “accessible and fast to anyone with an idea”. Users will be able to utilize the number of Logic Apps while working on the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Corda, and other networks to create graphic design.

Moreover, developing on the Azure cloud platform reduces costs and does not require management, which makes it affordable to amateur developers, as well as professionals and enterprises.


The company also issued guidelines on how to use the product to create smart contracts and applications in various business models.


Previously, the Nasdaq stock exchange announced the adoption of the Azure blockchain.

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