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Vietnamese Company Develops Blockchain System For Clinics

12:07 26/10/2018

The largest Vietnamese telecommunications corporation, Viettel Group, intends to become a leader in the blockchain industry, Viet Nam News reports. The company has created and successfully tested the database for storing medical cards, which operates on distributed ledger technology.


Viettel was looking for a blockchain solution that could be useful in everyday life. Vietnamese clinics spend about $110 million every day to do new tests for patients who were previously treated in other hospitals. Instead, the company suggests putting this data into a single blockchain system uniting all medical institutions, doctors, patients, and insurance companies around the country. Private clinics will be able to join the network for a fee.


The firm reports that the database has been tested and now is under consideration of the local ministry of health.


The company, or rather its subsidiary The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation, announced its plans to become the leading blockchain service provider over the next five years. According to the deputy head of the corporation, Viettel has enough financial, technical resources and staff to study this technology and apply it in practice. He believes that blockchain can change the world, and so the company needs to keep up with the global industry trends.


It is noted that next year the company will try to apply blockchain in the sphere of telecommunications, education, and transport, as well as finance and energy.


Earlier, the release date of the first HTC blockchain smartphone was announced.

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