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Kuna Crypto Exchange Launches Code Service For Money Transfer

17:34 28/02/2019
Kuna Exchange To Allow Cryptocurrency Transfers Using Codes

Kuna, a crypto trading platform from Ukraine, began to provide a service for transferring users' funds inside or outside the exchange with the help of specific codes, ForkLog reports referring to Michael Chobanian, the head of the company.


The service is called KUNA Code Pro. It allows clients of the crypto exchange to generate personal codes for different periods. Within these, the user cannot cancel the code, but he will have the opportunity to activate it independently upon the term completion, the company's specialists reported.


The code consists of more than 40 characters, which is a certain guarantee against thefts and scam. Users can create a code in any currency that is in the listing of the trading platform. Besides, no withdrawal fees will be charged.


According to statistics, most of the crypto trading takes place outside digital platforms. With the help of codes, transactions will take much less time, they will become more secure and convenient, Chobanian stressed.


To confirm the security of KUNA Code Pro, the head of the company created and provided open access to a code for one hundred thousand Tether stablecoins. Anyone can check it, but only the user with the tothemoon identifier can transfer funds to his balance.


At the end of 2018, the Kuna platform introduced several innovations. It developed a new logo, updated the website, and increased its functionality. Besides, the exchange announced plans to enter the financial markets of new countries.

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