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Kakao Corporation To Launch Blockchain Platform For Startups

20:01 20/03/2019
Kakao Corp Affiliate To Launch Blockchain Platform

Dunamu, a subsidiary of the South Korean Internet company Kakao Corp, announced the launch of a platform for business beginners using blockchain, JoongAng Daily reports.


The project called Luniverse is monitored by the research laboratory for the study of decentralised ledger technologies Lambda256, which was created to help IT startups in the development of blockchain services. Luniverse is characterized by a high security level and ability to scale, which allows the system to adjust the size of the blocks according to the data amount they contain.


To launch the platform, the Dunamu team cooperated with blockchain firms that provide decentralized applications for the business sector.


According to Park Jae-hyun, CEO of Lambda256, in the past many companies developed their own blockchain systems, but now there is another option — the ability to create a blockchain via outsourcing on a remote cloud service.


On March 19, the Kakao corporation announced that it integrated its crypto wallet in the KakaoTalk messenger that will allow 44 million South Korean users to perform peer-to-peer money transfers.


As previously reported, a subsidiary of Kakao Corp, the Ground X company intends to raise $90 million during the second ICO. Also, in the winter of 2018, Kakao announced intentions to attract $300 million of investments to work on its own token.

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