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Indian Authorities Launch Blockchain Platform To Support Coffee Industry

16:39 31/03/2019
India Launches Blockchain-Based Coffee Supply Platform

The Indian Coffee Board, created to support coffee manufacturing in the country, launched an online trading platform that will help coffee producers enter the global market, according to the website of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India (MCI).


The online platform is aimed to reduce the amount of third parties between coffee producers and customers. The platform will be available as an application and is claimed to make the Indian coffee supply chain more transparent and efficient.


To create the app, the Coffee Board collaborated with the project M/s Eka Plus, a producer of administration software in the field of agriculture. The pilot version of the new application is reported to be launched in the next four or five months for a limited number of manufacturers. If the product proves efficient, the developers will distribute it across the country. According to the local newspaper Business Line, there are more than 350,000 coffee producers in India.


The other day, the US National Pork Producers Board has entered a partnership with the pale.io project to introduce a pilot model of their blockchain platform for pork supply. The Board hopes that the new technologies will allow assessing the standards of food safety, environment, and cattle's health.


As previously reported, the express delivery company UPS partnered with the Inxeption project to launch a blockchain platform for supply chains.

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