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Startups To Be Able To Participate In IBM Blockchain Programs

15:23 20/11/2018

IBM, in collaboration with Columbia University, will launch two blockchain programs intended to help innovative startups in their development, the company reported in the press release.


These programs belong to the blockchain research and development center created by IBM and the university. Each program will assist ten startups, attracting business mentors, supporting with tech assistance, maintaining contacts with the academic community and talented students, as well as providing access to the IBM cloud technology.


The projects aim to help developers in implementing ideas, turning them into stable and scalable blockchain solutions contributing to high business efficiency in various industries.

The duration of the programs is eight weeks. The first one, called Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, will be conducted in NY. It aims to implement the ideas of companies associated with Columbia University and some other educational institutions of the metropolis.


IBM Blockchain Accelerator, the second program to be implemented in NY and San Francisco, is designed for more experienced world-class companies and will help them create a business network and customer base for applying blockchain.

Each participant of the above-mentioned programs will have access to tech resources and services worth $400,000, while no contribution or participation fee will be charged.


As previously reported, the Spanish company Telefónica will use the IBM Blockchain platform in its operation.

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