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New Hyperledger Project To Help Develop DLT Technologies

11:33 06/12/2018

The tech committee of the Hyperledger project supported the implementation of Ursa, a solution represented in the form of a modular cryptographic software library, as follows from the company's website.


The authors of the project explain that more complex cryptographic solutions are needed with the constant advancing of Hyperledger. Ursa offers projects to switch from independent development to the implementation of cryptographic protocols in the joint library.

Ursa will help implement a thorough check of the entire cryptography code. Different platforms will become more compatible as several projects will use the same libraries. Experts in the field of DLT development will be able to improve their cryptographic schemes with the help of a simple configuration file.


The combined library has two sections. The 1st contains simple, standard modular algorithms, and the 2nd is represented by serious cryptography. Here you will find the extended algorithms: paired, aggregated, and threshold signatures. The software will mainly be written in the Rust language, although it will have interfaces in many languages used in Hyperledger.

Developers of new projects using Ursa will be able to create them faster because they will have easy and wide access to the implemented modular abstractions in cryptography, Hyperledger experts emphasize.


Hyperledger is gaining increasing popularity among large financial market companies. The use of the platform was announced by the Russian Sberbank and the popular US logistics company FedEx, which became a member of the Hyperledger blockchain project in September 2018.

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