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Huobi Holds First Blockchain Influencers Meeting In South Korea

18:22 20/10/2018

Huobi Korea, a major crypto exchange, held its first meeting as part of the Global Elites program in South Korea, according to the official website of the exchange.


The meeting took place in the capital of South Korea on October 18. Over 100 influential representatives of the blockchain industry attended the event. According to the company's website, they are promoting the principles of their Global Elites program in more than 20 countries around the world.


Today, Huobi Korea is one of the three largest crypto exchanges in South Korea. As noted, the digital exchange is developing very rapidly on the crypto market, promoting its Global Elites program.


The company’s representatives stated that Huobi would be able to create a brand of global importance having resorted to the help of investment companies and blockchain organizations within the framework of the Global Elites project.



The Global Elite program aims to establish cooperation with influential representatives of the blockchain industry, which in turn will contribute to the expansion and development of Huobi. The management of the company is interested in partnering with funds, brokerage firms, exchanges, and other institutions that work in the fintech sphere.


Starting September, the company offers two bitcoins as a reward to individuals who help the company find new candidates for the Global Elite project.


As previously reported, Huobi, one of the three largest crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume, announced the launch of a beta version of its social network Huobi Chat.

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