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ConsenSys Enters First Mexican Blockchain Association

20:08 30/11/2018

The crypto industry players founded the first Mexican blockchain association to educate citizens about distributed ledger technology (DLT) and ways to apply it, Forbes Mexico reports. The software firm ConsenSys, owned by an Ethereum developer Joseph Lubin, also became a member of the newly created initiative.


Among other founders of the new blockchain association are the local bitcoin exchanges Bitso and Volabit, as well as a cryptocurrency investment fund Lvna Capital and the Mexican stock exchange BIVA.

ConsenSys did not react to the event on the blog or social media, though the company is known for its desire to participate in educating young DLT specialists. In September 2018, Joseph Lubin’s firm launched blockchain training courses in a mobile application.


Felipe Vallejo, the provisional president of the association, said that DLT can improve the processes, making them more transparent, safe, and effective. The crypto enthusiasts will reportedly develop standards and practices to work with blockchain before the technology will be applied on a large scale.

Anyone can join the Mexican blockchain association, Maria Ariza, BIVA head, stated. She added that the initiative will provide a space for discussion, where everyone can present their own ideas.


Such associations have recently become a worldwide trend. In September, a group of American companies, including a crypto exchange Coinbase, founded a blockchain association in Washington. Its members are looking to cooperate with the US regulators and operate with cryptocurrencies within the law, which also means paying taxes.


As previously reported, an educational blockchain center may appear in the Crimea.

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