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Hadley Stern Leaves Fidelity To Work For Blockchain Startup Bloq

07:32 25/10/2018

Hadley Stern, the head of blockchain research and development department at Fidelity Investments, decided to work for a well-known startup Bloq, CoinDesk reports.


After Hadley Stern had been hired, Bloq made an announcement that he would be the first chief operating officer in the company's history. At Fidelity, Stern has worked for the last 17 years and held senior positions at Fidelity Labs.


In doing so, the specialist is leaving at the time when the company is launching the Fidelity Digital Asset platform for crypto trading and data integrity. However, he stated that he was pursuing more ambitious goals in the study of blockchain.


Stern said that he has a great desire to explore the possibility of using blockchain not only in finance but also in healthcare, the concept of the Internet of things, identification issues, the field of international transactions.


In turn, Bloq offers blockchain solutions in various fields of human activity. Stern has to solve the main task which is to assist the startup team in engaging with customers, providing high-quality products, and determining strategic development because he has the extensive knowledge and experience in these matters.


According to Stern, he has been following the work of Bloq since it was founded by Jeff Garzik, the specialist, and Matthew Roszak, the investor, in 2016. Stern will help the startup to integrate into the vast field of joint activities of traditional enterprises and crypto companies more quickly, Roszak added.

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