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Facebook To Hire Blockchain Specialists

19:41 11/12/2018

Facebook, the world's largest social network, is looking for five talented blockchain developers to work in its main office in Menlo Park, California. The announcement is published on the company's website.


Facebook needs two data officers, a development team leader, and two software engineers who are interested in solving difficult tasks and are ready to create scalable platforms.

The division, designed to study and develop blockchain, was established at Facebook in May 2018. It was headed by David Marcus, who was previously the company's VP at the Messenger app department. Later, in June, Evan Cheng, one of the senior engineers, was appointed as the director of engineering at the distributed ledger division.


The department was positioned as a startup, which will be involved in the adaptation of blockchain for the social network, although Facebook does not disclose specific plans in this direction. In general, this sounds like a desire to assist the people of the world in gaining access to things they lack today. Besides, it is about providing fair financial services and new ways of data exchange.

In August 2018, the information was circulating that Facebook cooperates with the Stellar crypto platform to use its blockchain for the creation of its own network. Later, the company denied these rumors.


As previously reported, Amazon has launched a service, which allows developing a blockchain network.

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