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Former Head Of Bank Of France To Manage Setl Blockchain Group

14:59 21/01/2019
Ex Head Of Bank of France Joins Setl Management

Christian Noyer, ex-Governor of the French Central Bank, joined the board of directors at Setl, a tech blockchain company from the UK, as follows from the blog.


Setl was established in 2015 for developing of blockchain-based products and solutions. Setl specialists have created an infrastructure on the basis of distributed ledger technology for financial operations of institutional companies, which is able to carry out more than one billion transactions a day.


The company’s statement says that Christian Noyer will bring his experience in finance, regulatory processes as well as knowledge in the field of economic management and banking institutions.


Noyer's background includes many years of work as VP at the European CB. From 2003 to 2015, he headed the French CB and the Treasury of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.


Setl's board of directors consists of prominent individuals in the economy and finance, including the former representatives of the British CB, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, and other departments.


Companies related to cryptos and blockchain started to increasingly attract representatives of traditional finance to executive positions, because they know the work of regulators much better and can provide support in cooperation with them.


As previously reported, David Labhart, former lawyer of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, became the head of the compliance department of the Tron crypto platform.

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