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Parity And Geth Release New SW After Ethereum Hard Fork Cancellation

11:49 17/01/2019
Ethereum Clients Parity And Geth Present New Software

To support the postponed hard fork of the Ethereum network, its main clients Go-Ethereum (Geth) and Parity released new software. The Parity startup announced this on the official site, and Geth published the message on Github.


Geth developers declared the release of an emergency hotfix of 1.8.21 version, and Parity developers updated the client to 2.3.0 version. Both startups experts note that in case users don’t want to apply new versions, they can use old ones – Geth 1.8.19 and Parity 2.24. Besides, they can use current versions but after correcting configuration settings.


Ethereum hard fork named Constantinople had been planned for the night of 16/17 January 2019 at block 7,080,000, but developers postponed it to a later date after detection of a critical vulnerability in EIP-1283 update. Crypto swindlers could use it over and over again and regularly steal clients’ money.


Constantinople code is to be a serious step in Ethereum blockchain development. The hard fork will lead to some technical improvements. It is presumed that after the update of the network its performance will increase, and commissions value will decrease.


At the end of 2018, the Parity blockchain startup announced the launch of the first version of its Substrate solution, which allows developing blockchains for decentralized apps per individual orders.

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