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Deloitte To Launch Blockchain Platform For Government Bodies

19:25 06/11/2018

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” consulting firms, is preparing to release a blockchain solution for managing identification data, according to a press release.

The company has collaborated with Attest, an ID digital identity management company. The new database is targeted at government customers and may solve a number of issues faced by government workers.

Attest, a Chicago-based firm, has previously developed a platform for transactions between users that provides access to an identity card. The future blockchain solution will use the same principle and will allow officials to provide citizens with services related to personal data.

Partners plan to create two products. First of them, Attest Wallet, will serve as a data repository with cryptographic protection, which resembles a crypto wallet for tokens. Users will be able to keep identification codes, IDs, and other documents in one place, as well as to control access to them.

The second product, Attest Enterprise, consists of two application programming interfaces (APIs), with the help of which it is possible to verify the user’s identity, authorize third parties, and obtain consent to manage data on behalf of another user.

According to Wendy Henry, Deloitte managing director, most companies focus on creating a personal wallet, ignoring the needs of the government, which serves even those customers who cannot store their data in digital form. She stressed that the state platform will strengthen the security of citizens’ digital identity, as well as make data management more reliable and cheaper for business.

As previously reported, a Vietnamese company tested a database for storing medical cards on blockchain.


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