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Bob Summerville Leads Ethereum Classic Cooperative Team

17:09 31/01/2019
Bob Summerville Leads Ethereum Classic Cooperative Team

Bob Summerwill, a developer of the technology company ConsenSys, was appointed the executive director of Ethereum Classic Cooperative (ETC Cooperative), as follows from a press release of the latter.


The main tasks of Summerwill will include the expansion of the ETC community and its further development. Besides, the new executive director will have to support the ETC initiatives. First of all, it includes the work on the PeaceBridge solution, allowing direct transfers of ether and ETC between the two networks, as well as the development of the Proof-of-Authority algorithm testnet called Kotti.


According to Summerwill, the Ethereum Classic community needs innovative thinking, it should become a group of people developing new technologies, and not just crypto fanatics without technological growth. He added that there are numerous opportunities in the sphere of blockchain, and it is necessary to unite and put an end to differences for the realization of the potential of the technology.


ETC Cooperative is engaged in the management and development of the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency protocol, which appeared as a result of the Ethereum hard fork in 2016 after a hacker attack on DAO.


According to CoinMarketCap as of January 31, 06:04 (UTC), the Ethereum Classic crypto was ranked 17th with a market capitalization of $433.5 million, and its value amounted to $4.02.


As previously reported, the incubator of innovative projects Ethereum Classic Labs has formed a new team whose goal will be to work on the principal tasks of ETC.

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