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Blockchain Can Help Catalans Vote From Abroad

12:51 20/11/2018

The Catalan government is considering the option of implementing blockchain into the public voting system, La Vanguardia reports. Distributed ledger technology can be used in the future electronic system that will allow Catalans to participate in elections even from abroad.


Ismael Peña-Lopez, a member of the Catalan government, stated that the region is preparing to launch an electronic voting system in 2020 and intends to make it available to every voter. The politician, and concurrently a Law and Political Science professor, said that the authorities are interested in applying blockchain, but have not yet made the final decision and are considering other options.

Peña-Lopez noted that whatever technology Catalonia eventually chooses, it must ensure trust within the voting system. The politician hopes that the authorities will be able to convince voters of the reliability of the upcoming technology.


Earlier this year, the region’s government decided to introduce blockchain technology in every sector of the state administration, which will allow the locals to use digital services. By the end of 2018, a workgroup should be formed to develop a strategy for implementing blockchain and other innovative technologies.

In 2017, Catalonia announced the separation from Spain and initiated the referendum. Later it became known that Carles Puigdemont, the former region’s president, accepted donations in cryptocurrency to fund the takeover.


Meanwhile, a Spanish bank issued the world’s first syndicated loan on blockchain.

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